2D-3D Training....

Pixalen Studio offers clients the opportunity to visit the live studio to learn the Lenticular pre-press and art production process. Most lenticular prepress studios hold information close to the vest. Pixalen Studio's goal is to share expertise in an effort to facilitate growth in the specialized lenticular market. Pixalen Studio uses the industry standard Adobe Photoshop in conjunction with Adobe After Effects for all its Lenticular creative and art production purposes. Without time limitation, clients work side by side with Pixalen Studio lenticular experts while having the opportunity to work on live projects. Clients are trained on various lenticular creative skills ranging from a variety of lenticular effects (3D, motion, zoom, morph, and flip). In addition, clients are trained to use the studio's patented DepthStar™ Lenticular RIP™, Interlace™, and Screen™ software. Lastly Pixalen Studio offers a complete education of the LENSTAR® material, including Lens design strengths and weaknesses as well as acceptable frame counts for each lens.

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