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Art Preparation Guide

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RGB ColorMatch setting

Art Preparation Guidelines....

In order to get the best possible product, you should build your art files to certain specifications before submission to Pixalen Studio:
  • Files should be in Adobe Photoshop (.psd) format, with art divided into layers for different elements, especially elements that will appear to be at different "depths" within 3D projects.

  • Files should be supplied in RGB color mode (Pixalen Studio uses the RGB ColorMatch setting)

  • Files should be built to actual size at 300dpi. The size of the file is determined by adding the desired bleed area to the desired finished trim size. 3D projects should add at least ONE INCH to the overall width of the file (including bleed). This is to account for the parallax movement in foreground and background elements.

  • Layers that are normally obscurred by other layers should be complete. Even though layers higher in the order may cover up missing elements on lower layers, these lower layers may become visible in 3D or motion projects.

  • Layers that use various blending modes (multiply, screen, etc.), opacity settings, or layer masks are fine, but avoid using adjustment layers or layer styles. If adjusment layers are used please apply effects before art submission.

  • Frame files for Interlacing can be supplied as psd, eps, tiff, or jpeg.

  • Files can be submitted as a cd/dvd or Pixalen Studio will set up a ftp folder for continuous submissions

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