Pixalen Studio's Interlace™ is exceptionally efficient in the lenticular imaging process, resulting in the highest lenticular image quality. Unlike other interlacing methods that use interpolation resulting in banding and degradation. Interlace™ produces pristine band free interlaced images.

Pixalen Studio's solution provides Creative/Design and Art Production freedom, through an open architecture. Allowing users to create art in the software of their choice. Pixalen Studio's creative team uses industry standard software Adobe Photoshop and Adobe After Effects Professional to create 3D/motion frames.

Simply drop a frame folder on Interlace™ and the interlaced file is created immediately.


Pixalen Studio utilizes a proprietary stochastic screening process specifically designed for lenticular imaging. Screen™ eliminates moiré patterns and screen interference associated with conventional halftone screening. Using Pixalen Studio's Screen™ software, you will hold and reproduce the greatest amount of lenticular detail.

Simply drop an Interlace™ image on Screen™ to create brilliant CMYK 1 bit separations.

DepthStar™ Lenticular RIP™....

For the first time, Pixalen Studio's world class lenticular imaging software is commercially available to PACUR, LENSTAR® customers. The DepthStar™ Lenticular RIP™ was designed exclusively for the lenticular pre-press workflow and allows for band free Lenticular Images at anamorphic resolutions corresponding to both the CTP and lenticular pitch. Pixalen Studio's software solution includes DepthStar™ Lenticular RIP™, Interlace™, and Screen™ applications. Installation, lenticular pre-press training and support are included. Pixalen Studio's DepthStar™ Lenticular RIP™ solution comes configured on an Apple iMac with 4GB of ram

Simply Interlace™, Screen™, impose, then print to the DepthStar™ Lenticular RIP™ to create CMYK plate ready 1 bit tiff.

Pixalen Studio Service and Solution are available exclusively on LENSTAR® Lenticular Lens by PACUR®

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