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Pixalen Studio specializes in a high end Lenticular Pre-press service that includes everything from Creative design to Interlacing and Imposition.

When the goal is to capture a consumer's attention and communicate a message quickly, lenticular graphics exceeds expectation.

Lenticular images can best be described as illusionary art. Printing images on a lenticular lens tricks the eye into seeing the inconceivable. From simple two-image flips to complex 3D images, lenticular designs utilize a combination of image/color selection, lens design, interlacing techniques, and printing technologies to create the desired illusion.

To achieve a successful lenticular piece, all elements must work together precisely. Pixalen Studio provides clients support from start to finish or at any point in between to achieve high quality lenticular products.

Pixalen Studio has a strong relationship with many printers and a full understanding of the entire lenticular process.

The Pixalen Studio Process includes Creative Design, Art Production, QuickTime Motion Proof, Mastering, Contract Lenticular Proof, Imposition, and Output. The process allows clients to avoid the pitfalls commonly associated with lenticular printing. Steps are flexible; clients may utilize only the processes they need.

Creative Design
Pixalen Studio's skilled artists offer original art for each client's specific needs. Artists design art from supplied or stock photography and graphics. In addition, an in-house artist can create "painted" art with the use of a digital drawing tablet.

Art Production
Art is transformed into lenticular-ready frames. This may include converting otherwise two-dimensional images into three-dimensional art.
Click here for Art Production Guidelines

Quicktime Motion Proof
Once the lenticular-ready frames have been created, a QuickTime video of the animated art is often sent for client approval.

Lenticular-ready frames are interlaced to create the lenticular image. The image is then screened utilizing Pixalen Studio's dvchrome process to ensure the highest-quality lenticular product. The result is a low-resolution file for imposition and a high-resolution file for proofing and printing.

Contract Lenticular Proof
Lenticular proofs are created for client approval, and for the press operator to use as a guide for the desired result.

Printers receive a low-resolution file for imposition on a press form built to their device's specifications. Once the printer approves the press form, it is sent back to Pixalen Studio for processing. Alternatively, printers can submit printer marks (i.e. colors bars and plate specs) so that Pixalen Studio can build the imposition and send a PDF for layout approval.

The imposed press form is run through Pixalen's DepthStar™ Lenticular RIP™ utilizing the high-resolution version of your file. The result is a series of 1-bit TIFF files to drive your CtP device.

The Lenstar Lenticular sheet is reverse printed with interlaced images using conventional or uv inks. Current lenticular applications include: packaging, translights, point of purchase, postcards, phone cards, and promotional items.
To learn more about Lenstar feel free to visit www.lenstar.org

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