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Lenticular Printing....

Pixalen Studio, in conjunction with Pacur, offers both pre-press and press-side assistance to Lenstar® customers. Pre-press assistance includes the final interlaced images and, if needed, plates for press. For press-side assistance, trained Pacur employees work with the printer’s press operator and equipment to establish successful lenticular print runs.

Lenticular Printing Outline....

This is a general outline of a UV printing press setup procedure. These steps can and will vary from press to press depending on the make and model of the printing press.
  • 1. Equipment
    • a. Review and analyze printing press
    • b. Review and analyze Image setter
    • c. Review and analyze proofing device
    • d. Review and analyze plate stock

  • 2. Press Side Consultation
    • a. How to print a rez finder or pitch test
    • b. How to read a rez finder or pitch test
    • c. How to setup a press for lenticular printing
    • d. Provide registration tools
    • e. How to print lenticular

  • 3. Finishing
    • a. When should you add additional whites
    • b. When you should use a laminate and what kind of laminate
    • c. How to die cut
    • d. How to mount to another substrate

Pixalen Studio Service and Solution are available exclusively on LENSTAR® Lenticular Lens by PACUR®

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