Dallas Cowboy Playoff Cup....

Strategy Client wanted to create a memorable souvenir for fans, while increasing sales and reinforcing the excitement of Dallas Cowboys football games.

Result "Lenticular cups have alowed the Cowboys to charge a higher price to our customers, with no objection, because our fans know they are getting a great souvenir that will last for years to come," reports George Wasai, Director of Food & Beverage for the Dallas Cowboys. "Our profits and sales have steadily increased, while providing our customers with the very best in beverage containers.

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The Nightmare Before Christmas Movie Poster

The Nightmare Before Christmas movie poster won the following awards in the 2007 San Francisco Point of Purchase show:

1) First Place for non-paper posters

2) One of three Grand Awards. This one was for Best Original Art Work.

Printed by: Hatcher Press

Day Of The Dead Lenticular DVD Cover

Although several retailers were grossed out by the zombie-puking-eyeballs design of Day of the Dead, consumers widely embraced First Look Studios' packaging. Anticipating controversy, First Look offered stores a choice of either the shock option or a tamer packaging alternative for the April 8 straight-to-DVD release. But on shelves, the vomiting zombie look, enhanced with 3D lenticular graphics, far outsold its safer counterpart, featuring flat art of floating zombie heads. On Day of the Dead's street date, First Look sold through 40% of its initial shipment of the puking zombie copies and just 10% of the tamer DVDs."There was a lot of negativity, where people looked at the three-dimensional vomiting zombie and asked, 'What, are you crazy?'" said Dean Wilson, First Look chief operating officer. "But the fact is that the horror market is saturated, and we needed to make a change. This sell-off was exciting for me, because we stood our ground and went with something outrageous."

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