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Pixalen Studio, the leader of high-quality lenticular pre-press, is pleased to announce the introduction of Chromalen, a unique, patent-pending technology. Simply stated, Chromalen is a looped pattern technology that results in the illusion of depth. Chromalen allows Marketers and Advertisers to choose a custom pattern as a background element to their traditional print piece. Patterned backgrounds may be anything from a simple company logo to complex organic or geometric shapes. Elements printed on top of the pattern (such as the basketball player) will appear as if they are floating above the background. In some cases, a pattern can be used to create foreground depth as well.

A benefit of the Chromalen technology is the absence of "refresh" or "parallax shift" that is associated with traditional lenticular technology. The result is a clean image with seamless depth. Another benefit of the Chromalen technology occurs when the pattern is printed in one color. Since the interlaced portion of the file is reduced to one color, registration for a lenticular printer is incredibly easy. With traditional 4-color lenticular printing, poor registration alignment results in colors that appear to be out of
time or become visible before the others as the effect takes place. Chromalen technology completely eliminates this problem and, in doing so, opens up the possibility of lenticular to printing methods that had not previously passed registration accuracy requirements. However, if registration simplicity is not your goal, the pattern can be printed with all the colors of the CMYK color gamut.


The Chromalen technology is perfect for marketing pieces. It can be reproduced in all sizes and used on a variety of LENSTAR® Lenticular lens. Most common uses include Direct Mail, Packaging Labels, and Point of Purchase Signs.

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